Under current law, if an eligible elector is unable to sign a mail ballot issued to the elector, the elector may provide the self-affirmation required to cast the ballot by making a mark on the self-affirmation, with or without assistance, witnessed by another registered elector (witness).

The bill requires the envelope used for the ballot's return to show a place for the witness to list the witness's voter identification number, and the witness is required to write the witness's voter identification number on the return envelope. The county clerk is required to verify the witness's signature. A witness must be registered in the same county in which the elector completing the self-affirmation is registered. A returned ballot for which an elector's self-affirmation has been witnessed in a manner that does not satisfy the requirements of the bill will be treated as a provisional ballot.



Current status

  • Senate Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely (03/16/2021)


R. Woodward

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